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Our Philosophy is "Try Before You Buy".

We will not design web sites that contain adult content, online gambling, or sites containing racist or discrimatory content.

If it is found that your intent is to use the site we are developing for any of the listed reasons all work will cease.

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Website Technical Jargon/Terminology:


The internet comes with jargon/terminology that at this point can not be found in a dictionary. Web design has its own jargon.


Domain – Also known as URL (universal resource locator) is the address for your website.


Host - This is where your domain lives on the internet. Host is also referred to as a server. Domains and hosting go together. You can have a domain name without hosting; you cannot have a live website without hosting. Having a domain not hosted is like a street address without a building.


Registrar - Domain names are purchased from a Registrar.


Domain Name Server – (DNS) Domains have to be pointed to a host, all hosts have a DNS address. Upon purchasing a domain it is automatically pointed to the registrar’s dns. and remains there until told to point to a different host. The new vps host will provide their dns. This does not change the registrar, only the host. The registrar remains the same until you transfer to a different registrar. You don’t have to move but may find a better registrar; this may depend on renewal fees. Renewal fees can vary from $10.00 to $50.00 or more per year. Cheap is not always good. You want to consider support, management, and price.


Domain, Hosting and Registrar all work together each playing a different role. A domain is like your street address, hosting is the parcel of land your house sits on.

When a domain name is purchased from a registrar it is also like a driver’s license, the province is the registrar; the license is yours to take with you where ever you go. If you move you have to change your address, however your registrar remains the same.

Domain management is done within the registrar; website management is done within the hosting.


Search Engine -  A website that offers the user a vehicle to search the world wide web. The common engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and Ask. These engines use web spiders to crawl websites looking for information that matches closely what the user has searched for. The results are referred to as SERPs search engine results page.


Content Management System  - (CMS) A website designed for the owner to edit and manage. This means the client can make updates, changes and perform other web site maintenance. A website can be complete or partially CMS. Basic knowledge of html, javascript, and php is required. An understanding of how web sites work is required. Editing and managing CMS without a basic understanding can lead to breaking the website.


E-Commerce -  A website that offers goods and services for immediate purchase, payment is taken on the website, ecommerce can be simple or complex. Ecommerce is often referred to as a shopping cart or just cart.

Level 1 :: Starting Out

5 Pages:: Starts at $1,000.00

Level 2:: Established

5-10 Pages:: Starts at $1200.00

Level 3 :: Expanding

10 Pages +:: Starts at $1800.00

Portfolio:: Starts at $200.00

Mobile Website:: Average is $100.00 per page

Level 1 :: Starting Out

5 Pages:: Starts at $1,000.00

With all of our packages

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